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Our Animals

Wag’s World Orchards’ Friends and Employees, in Delta County from Western Colorado

Wag's World Orchards has some very dear friends and employees that work hard every day to make sure the orchards are well taken care of. But, like all employees, some work harder than others. Here's a few fun photos we thought you would enjoy while browsing our site.

Peaches - The New Hope and Generation

Peaches is a real beauty queen and our new German Shepherd puppy at Wag's World. She is the new blood and generation of Wag's World Orchards as we evolve and change. A spunky, playful and focused-sort of girl, who never rests, she was a challenge for us in 2017, as she traveled to over 50 farmer's markets. She became a good-will ambassador for all children and adults and loves to ride the 4-wheeler. Peaches was born to play, born to live, and shows you how beautiful life can be. She approaches everything with life force and an intensity to thrive. An amazing animal!

Frankie - The General

Frankie was head of the pack and directed all activity throughout the orchard daily. A true manager and shepherd, he made sure that we all did our job. This was an incredible dog, no other way to describe him.

Here he sits waiting patiently for us to get a move on to the next stop.

Jordan - The Domestic Sister

Jordan was the domestic goddess of the household and doubled as a watchful guard in the orchard. Jordan was Frankie's sister. When her owner had chemotherapy and radiation, she never strayed from her side.
There will never be a more loyal dog. We miss her every day.

Chebo - The Goat

Chebo, the goat, was rather an annoying type of friend and employee. Our other human employees brought him to Wag's World for several summers and he could be quite destructive, eating tree leaves, bark, aluminum foil or anything else that might be handy at the time. Chebo now lives out his days with other goats at a farm north of ours.

Rocky - The Clown

We wish we could live life the way Rocky, the Chocolate Lab, does. Every day is meant to be a fun day. He was quite crazy when he was younger but is a true companion animal, loves humans and is docile and accomodating to all other animals. He loves to be petted and is sensitive to your needs. He is a reminder that we should live each day to the fullest - have fun!

Whitey - The Flock Guardian

Whitey was abandoned by sheep herders who had a flock across from our place one spring. We believe he is an Antatolian/Akbash mix. He joined our other dogs and was accepted by all except for the boss, Frankie. They never got along as each was an Alpha male. Whitey is incredibly smart and can follow many different directions quite intuitively. He is a true flock guardian, very strong and can be quite fierce while guarding the property and then turn into a gentle lamb to his human owners. Whitey guards the yard and property earnestly and tirelessly. During cherry season, Whitey is a terror on rock squirrels and birds, who try to steal a cherry or two...or three... or more!

Louie - The King Bloodhound

Louie is a 155 lb. Bloodhound mix. He is brutally stubborn with a sweet, dumb nature and taxes your dog ownership patience full-on. His life is ruled by his nose. He is the first to raise an alarm on anything happening in the orchard with his huge Bloodhound howls. Positive and negative reinforcement does not work with Louie. He shall do what he wants no matter the result. He used to range quite far, much to his detriment: 4 miles to the north of us is a steak house that he used to like to visit, but he now lives his life contained in our big front and back yard overlooking the Tongue Creek Valley. The King, in this case, Louie, reigns and howls over the valley.

Willie - The Athlete on Three Legs

Willie is a full-blooded black Labrador and the athlete of the pack. The vet says he is the strongest dog he has ever seen. His legs and chest ripple with muscle as he patrols each night. In June 2015, one of Willie's legs was amputated and he is now ripping around the orchard on three legs. He is a most pleasant and cheerful companion to humans and a terror to any varmit that might make the mistake of crossing his path. Rats, rodents, raccoons and coyotes BEWARE! Wag's World is also Willie's world and he loves his life and friends here.

Loyla - The Strong Loyalist

Loyla was a 135 lb. Malamute who was strong and true to the farm. A good guard dog, she kept the farm in order any time she patrolled. She had a playful side and loved Frankie the most.

Patches - A Real Toughy

Patches was a very tough dog, could tangle with any one or any thing. He was incredibly grumpy but still had a sweet side to humans. He terrorized the other animals because he always wanted to be first in everything: first to sit in the truck, first to ride in the Jeep, first to lead the pack on a walk. Frankie took his grumpy attitude most of the time, but being much bigger than Patches, eventually would put down Patches' attitude every 30 days or so with a jaw clench over Patches' face. Patches would grudgingly improve his attitude for a few days at least. Patches was an incredibly fast runner as an Austrailian Cattle dog.

Not all Work and No Play!

Frankie and Jordan show us that Wag's World is not always seven days a week work! We all need to have a bit of fun, too! Here the brother and sister battle for the stick.

Wag’s World Orchards - We Grow the Heart of Eckert, CO

Our friends are gone from this world now, but guard us through eternity atop a hill overlooking Tongue Creek. We thank you for your service and love, Jordan and Frankie. They were the pillars of the orchard when we started and now 29 years later, we, as a business and business owners, follow all their qualities - we are strong, loyal and sensitive to all of our customers needs. We grow the best products in the best place on earth and are proud to offer the fruits of our labor to our incredible customers. Wag's World Orchards - We grow the heart of Eckert, CO!
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