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Wag’s World Honey in Delta County from Western Colorado

Wag's World honey is the real deal, never filtered or heated. Taken directly from our hives on harvest and available in three convenient sizes.

Honey: WWH3 - Wag's World Pure Honey from Western Colorado 2.0 lbs.

Wag's World Pure and Natural Honey from Western Colorado  - Wag's World honey is 100% pure and natural. Our honey is extracted without heating or filtering ensuring high pollen content in the honey. Local honey is beneficial for those who suffer from allergies and is good for your skin. Our local honey is a wildflower blend, raw unfiltered and never heated. For years our customers have enjoyed our fine local fruits. Now we are proud to provide our customers with local honey made by the most industrious workers of all time - our bees! 3 convenient sizes to choose from. 2.0 lbs. Call or e-mail us at info@wagsworldinc.com (shipping rates vary around the country) to order or visit us at farmer's markets beginning in May.

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Price: $22.00

Please call us to order.
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