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Pie Fills/Jam/Sauce

Wag’s World Fresh Pie Fillings, Jams & Applesauce in Delta County from Western Colorado

Wag's World Orchards' awesome pie fillings, jams and chunky applesauce from Western Colorado are based on fruit availability thoughout the year. We don't need to add a lot to our recipes as the fruit is naturally sweet. We also make Blackberry, Raspberry and Cherry Jams on a seasonal basis. Enjoy!

Pie Filling & Jam: WWAB - Wag's World Apple Butter

Wag's World Simply Apple Butter is an old lip-smacking Pennsylvania Dutch concoction worthy on toast, sandwiches, turkey, pork, pastries, biscuits, OR as a marinade on chicken, fish and pork and in place of maple syrup. Use anytime you want to add panache!

Call or e-mail us at wagsworld@kaycee.com (shipping rates vary around the country) to order or visit us at our many state farm markets beginning in May:

Or visit our little stand in Eckert, CO off of Hwy 65.

Wholesalers call 970.778.5327.

Delicious! Simply Good!

1 pt.

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Price: $9.00

Please call us to order.
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