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Pie Fills/Jam/Sauce

Wag’s World Fresh Pie Fillings, Jams & Applesauce in Delta County from Western Colorado

Wag's World Orchards' awesome pie fillings, jams and chunky applesauce from Western Colorado are based on fruit availability thoughout the year. We don't need to add a lot to our recipes as the fruit is naturally sweet. We also make Blackberry, Raspberry and Cherry Jams on a seasonal basis. Enjoy!
WWPF1 - Wag's World Awesome Apple Pie Filling from Western Colorado!
Pour into 8 or 9 inch pie plate with crust on bottom, add crust to top or crumb topping, bake. Truly awesome and quick! Apple Up!
WWAS - Wag's World Chunky Cranberry Applesauce from Western Colorado!
Cranberry Chunky Applesauce - Delicious and good for you!
Serve chilled or warm. Pt. size jar - Apple Up!
WWPJ - Wag's World Peach It Up! Peach Jam
Wag's Peach It Up! Peach Jam is the stuff of great peaches. We don't have to add a lot of sugar in each batch, because the peaches are so fresh and sweet to begin with!
WWPLJ - Wag's World Plum Good Plum Jam
Our plums are so sweet that we don't need to use a lot of sugar in this delicious and simple plum recipe.
WWAB - Wag's World Apple Butter
Wag's World Simply Apple Butter is an old lip-smacking Pennsylvania Dutch concoction worth its weight on many breads, meats OR as a marinade!
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