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Wags World Orchards
20553 Nowhere Rd
Eckert, CO 81418
Tel: 970-835-3059


Wag’s World Fresh Plums in Delta County from Western Colorado

Plums are deep in color and taste, make good jam, pie and sweet eating. A fruit worth the wait from Wag's World Orchards!

Wag's World grows so many different kinds of fresh and delicious plums, Italian, Blood Plums and Santa Rosa to name a few. Pick up a jar of Wag's Plum Good Jam, too, at one of our Farmer's Markets to enjoy all year long. Our jam is delicious - Plum Good!
We have Santa Rosa, Blood and Italian Plums to name a few of our varieties.  Our plums are field packed right off the tree.

Wholesalers can call 970.778.5327. Thank you.
Wags World Orchards :: 20553 Nowhere Rd, Eckert, CO 81418 :: 970-835-3059